New pets for pupils

Pupils looking after their new chicks.

Pupils looking after their new chicks. - Credit: Archant

Delighted children have been taking care of some newly-hatched chicks.

Pupils from year three at Golden Valley Primary School in Nailsea have been celebrating British Science Week by learning about biology and nature first-hand.

The children were given a batch of 12 eggs by farmer Nick to incubate and care for.

The keen pupils have been transfixed with their new responsibilities which have involved checking the progress of the eggs each day, counting the chicks, caring for their needs and keeping the rest of the school updated.

Lessons have involved learning about the life cycle of a chicken and students have also been carrying out experiments and designing structures to enable eggs to land safely from great heights.

Golden Valley Primary School now has some new residents.

The 11 much-loved chicks are being treated to lots of attention from the devoted youngsters and staff.