School helping children with identity issues to feel safe and supported

Nailsea School is helping to support students with identity issues.

Nailsea School is helping to support students with identity issues. - Credit: Archant

Students from Nailsea are leading the way in raising awareness about gender and sexuality issues.

Ofsted is encouraging schools to have a better understanding of gender identity, sexuality and the phobic behaviours associated with these issues and Nailsea School has been working with its students to ensure they are supported in this area.

The school has formed a lesbian, gay, bi, trans and questioning/queer (LGBTQ) group to create a statement to raise awareness of some of the issues and to provide an insight into what it is like for students who have questions about their identity.

The LGBTQ group said: “We’d like you to know that being a teen LGBTQ can be confusing and messy. Some of us felt alone for a while, and also scared.

“Before you tell someone else your identity you can feel self-loathing, which is an isolating feeling.

“It gets much better when you find people who are like you, and accept you.

“Putting a label on yourself is also great, and made us feel relieved.”

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Almost 30 staff have also signed up to attend a voluntary training session on LGBTQ issues.

Rachel Davies, who is leading the campaign, said: “Less than half of LGBTQ students will have an adult they can talk to at home, and so it’s really important for us to provide a place where all children feel safe.

“The group has increased visibility of this minority group in the school and made these students feel as if they have a voice.

Students and staff alike could not be more supportive of this group, affirming that Nailsea School is fully inclusive.”