A-level results: Nailsea School proud of ‘amazing’ students

Students from Nailsea School picking up their A-level results.

Students from Nailsea School picking up their A-level results. - Credit: Archant

Nailsea School is ‘delighted’ so many students were awarded the grades they need for their next step.

A one-way system was set up at the school to enable pupils to pick up their A-level results, in line with social distancing protocols.

Staff also set up different areas to offer students career advice and pastoral and emotional support.

Many students were very pleased with their results and the school saw an overall increase in headline figures from 2019, with a three per cent increase in A*-A grades, a 5 per cent increase in A*-Bs and a 2 per cent rise in A*-C results.

A number of students were left ‘deflated’ as they were unable to celebrate in the usual way, and staff were on hand to ensure they had the support they needed.

Headteacher Dee Elliott said: “This group of students have all done something amazing and something no other young person has been asked to do – complete their schooling against a backdrop of a pandemic.

“I am immensely proud and humbled by the way students, staff and families have responded to this situation.

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“I am thrilled for those students and staff that got the results that they hoped for, but beyond those pieces of paper, our students have all shown immense character and resilience during this entire process and I am exceptionally proud of team Nailsea.

“My colleagues and I will continue to be here for all students to make sure they find the success that they deserve and the destination they aspire to.”

This year, 28 per cent of grades were A*-A, 59 per cent were A*-B, 84 per cent were A*-C and 99 per cent were A*-E.

Jon Reddiford, head of Nailsea sixth form, said: “On this more difficult than usual results day, we are delighted that so many students got the grades to take the next steps.

“We will work with others on helping them achieve their potential.”

Many students have achieved places at their desired university, college, apprenticeship and workplace, with one student gaining a place to Oxford.