Florence Nightingale inspires Nailsea pupils

St Francis Primary School

Pupils acted out the vital work of Florence Nightingale during a living history lesson. - Credit: St Francis Primary School

Pupils from a Nailsea school enjoyed a living history lesson to learn more about the nursing hero Florence Nightingale.

Year two pupils from St Francis Primary School dressed up for the day and took on different parts to act out historical events.

St Francis Primary School

Pupils from year two learnt about the work of Florence Nightingale. - Credit: St Francis Primary School

Year two teacher Mrs Galey said: "Pupils took on roles to persuade their father to travel to the Crimea and to convince the medical officer that his hospital needed cleaning up.

"The pupils' favourite part was cleaning up the hospital which was full of rats and many other disgusting pools. 

St Francis Primary School

Children learnt how to apply bandages. - Credit: St Francis Primary School

"Year two then learnt how to apply a bandage and nurse their injured soldier back to health."

Children also learnt about the vital roles nurses carry out and how to care for patients.

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