Lambs helping pupils to learn about nature in Nailsea

Golden Valley School pupils with lambs

Pupils from Golden Valley Primary School taking care of lambs on their school field. - Credit: Golden Valley School

Pupils from a Nailsea school have been helping to bottle feed lambs from a local farm.

Children of key workers who have been attending Golden Valley Primary School in the lockdown are helping to care for six lambs during the school day.

The lambs belong to Rob Dean, the son of deputy headteacher Debra Dean. She said: "These are all bottle lambs, which have to be taken from the ewe when she has triplets or does not have enough milk.

"The children are enjoying feeding them each day and taking their turn to come into the enclosure to pet them."

The lambs will remain at the school to help the rest of the pupils settle back into lessons when they return next week.

Mrs Dean added: "This provides an excellent opportunity for the children to interact with nature and take their minds off other things at this time.

"Last year, we also brought in two ewes with their lambs, which we may do again once they are born, if we have enough grass."