Measles warning at Gordano School

Gordano School

Gordano School - Credit: Archant

A case of measles has been detected at Gordano School.

One pupil at the Portishead secondary school, in St Marys Road, has been diagnosed with the illness which can cause red eyes, a cough, high temperature and a rash.

Headteacher Tom Inman, in a letter sent home to parents, said: “In accordance with Public Health England (PHE) guidelines, we recommend that if your child has not been vaccinated and is showing signs of a cold or temperature they should stay off school until after the incubation period of four days from the first symptoms, at which point the traditional rash would have appeared.”

PHE says there has been an outbreak of measles across Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and North Somerset, and has urged anyone without the MMR vaccine to get it.

The virus is one of the most infectious known. It can be contracted by spending as little as 15 minutes with someone who has the illness and symptoms can last several weeks.