Levi’s anti-bullying mission


Levi - Credit: Archant

A PORTISHEAD teenager is on a mission to help educate his peers about the harmful effects of bullying.

Gordano School pupil Levi Fallavollita moved to Portishead from America in November 2013.

He had been a victim of bullying in the US at the age of 11, which prompted him to write a book called The Good, The Bad and The Bullies.

He was so intent on helping to stamp out bullying, he worked with the Arizona Attorney General’s office and also went to Washington to speak to Congress on the subject.

Now aged 13, Levi is keen to support Gordano School’s anti-bullying projects, joining forces with PCSO Dawn Tremlett, staff and other pupils to help encourage victims to talk to someone and to make sure tormentors realise the damage they are causing to fellow pupils.

Levi has recently published a book called Be Courageous, which contains a collection of bullying stories he acquired while running anti-bullying workshops.

He said: “I published Be Courageous to inform young people of the damaging and long lasting effects of bullying. I also wanted to give a voice to those who shared their stories with me. I received many chapters and chose ones that I felt my peers could most identify with.”

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Since arriving in the UK Levi has been in touch with Frankie Spivey the director of Diana Award, a charity that supports and empowers young people, and he is hoping to involve Gordano in the charity’s Anti-bullying Ambassador programme.

PCSO Dawn Tremlett, who works at Gordano School, said: “It’s good to see our young people at Gordano making a strong positive stand against all types of bullying. Many of our programmes encourage students to be positive role models and our cyber mentor and peer mentor initiatives, supported by the neighbourhood police team, offer advice, help and support. We are looking forward to involving Levi in these programmes.”

Be Courageous is available on Amazon or can be purchased by emailing gclfall@msn.com

Levi is also hoping local shops will agree to stock his book.