Land yachts are runaway success

THE first joint venture between two Nailsea schools which federated earlier this year proved to be a runaway success.

A total of 28 pupils from all years at Grove Junior and Hannah More Infant schools worked together to build land yachts and race them in the playground.

The workshop was part of a design and technology outreach programme called the Bloodhound Project, a Bristol scheme which is trying to build a 1,000mph machine.

Teacher Mark Thomas, who is the school’s design and technology co-ordinator, said it was a ‘momentous day’.

He said: “It was the first project where pupils worked together and we had children from five years to 11-year-olds interacting well with each other.”

The pupils had to test different types of wheels and axels, experiment with varying sizes of sails and bases and then got to see which travelled the furthest.

Mr Thomas added: “It was great fun and the children learned all about moving parts on vehicles at the same time.”

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The schools now have one governing body and executive headteacher responsibile for both since they became federated in April.