Jubilation for exam students

‘TREMENDOUS achievement’ was celebrated at Nailsea School with the arrival of the all-important GCSE results this morning (Thurs).

The Mizzymead Road school reported students did ‘exceptionally well’ with 100 per cent getting at least one GCSE grade and 15 per cent scooping eight or more A*-A grades.

Headteacher David New said: “This is a tremendous achievement by anyone’s standards but many students overcame personal difficulties to achieve outstanding results.”

High achievers included Zhangi Zhao, who scored an impressive 10 A*s, Amber Francis with 12 A* and As and Jess Atkinson, Zoe Ford, Abi Ingram, Alice Keyworth and Olly Presland who got 11A*s and As.

Celebrations will also take place in the homes of Harry George, Ellie Heild, Rosina Page, Nathan Timbrell and Sophie Williams tonight (Thurs), after the bright pupils came away with 10 A*s or As each.

Mr New said: “Maintaining the recent excellent performances over the past four years was always going to be a tall order, but class of 2012 was determined not to be put in the shade.

“Despite the controversy surrounding the national English results this year, Nailsea has maintained the standards of the past few years for 5A*-C in English and maths.

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“The results for both GCSEs and last week’s A-levels, prove that Nailsea School delivers an outstanding quality of education in an outstanding facility.

“I am so proud of this group of students and their teachers”.

Deputy headteacher Steve Richards said: “All of the work that we have been doing in developing the curriculum and raising expectations for the students and staff, particularly while we were developing the new school, has come to fruition.

“Our students have responded by taking full advantage of the opportunities they have been given.”