Internet safety talk for pupils and parents

CYBER bullying, grooming, sharing images and inappropriate websites, along with other dangers faced by young people on the internet, will be the subject of a talk given to parents at Nailsea School tomorrow night (29th).

As part of Internet Safety Week, PCSO Gary Lewis, who is trained by Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOPs), will be showing the organisation’s current presentation and talking about internet and mobile phone safety at 6.30pm.

PSCO Lewis will present the same session to all pupils on Friday.

An online survey carried out at the school revealed 85 per cent of pupils have a facebook page and more than 75 per cent have internet access from their mobile phones.

Headteacher David New said: “Our children are extremely adept at using ICT.

“The technology is advancing so quickly that often we do not understand the potential of the devices we supply our children with.

“Only by educating parents and children of what the technology can do, and how to use it safely, can we protect them.”