Portishead students start recycling scheme

High Down Junior School has started a recycling scheme.

High Down Junior School has started a recycling scheme. - Credit: Archant

Environmental efforts continue to grow in Portishead after primary school pupils started a recycling scheme.

A crisp packet recycling scheme has started across town, and pupils from High Down Junior School are taking part.

A collection has been placed in the dinner hall, and within days a full sack of packets had been accumulated by the youngsters – who have instantly bought into the scheme.

A school spokesman said: “These packets can be made into benches, play equipment, ruck sacks and shoes by Terracycle.

“If you could save up your crisp packets at home and drop these at the collection points, we would be very grateful.”

The scheme has been spearheaded by environmental group Turn The Tide, and collection points are at Waitrose and Parish Wharf Leisure Centre, in Harbour Road, plus Moose Hall Chiropractic, in High Street.

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