Hard-hitting safety messages

GORDANO School youth watch group has delivered a hard-hitting play about road safety to other students at the school.

Complaints from members of the community about young people who are not being safety conscious on the roads prompted PCSO Dawn Tremlett to help pupils to write and perform the play.

Based on the DVD Ghost Street, the students dressed as zombies who had been killed in road accidents, to act out their different stories. The examples ranged from a young person killed as he crossed the road while texting, to the trauma experienced by a driver who had hit and killed a young person.

The youngsters then gave a survival skills presentation, offering road safety advice and explaining how they, as pedestrians, should be keeping themselves and other road users safe.

PCSO Tremlett said: “It might seem a bit drastic to deliver these hard hitting scenes but the message is getting across and that is what is important.”