State-of-the-art gym launched at Clevedon School

Clevedon School FitCube gym

Students using the new gym, which will also be available to the community. - Credit: Shane Dean

A state-of-the-art gym-in-a-box has been unveiled at Clevedon School.

The 20ft fully-kitted ‘FitCube’ gym will further support the Covid19 fitness recovery programme being carried out by the academy.

Students, staff and the community will benefit from regular healthy gym sessions - with the community to benefit from five free sessions with a professional fitness instructor.

The FitCube was funded by a successful grant bid awarded by North Somerset Community Partnership (NSCP) Grant Programme and means that classes will be added to the curriculum.

The wider community will also be invited to join in with subsidised classes in this revolutionary outdoor fitness. 

Head of PE, Chris Wise said: “This is brilliant news for students, staff and the wider community. 

“This gym will be extremely popular and will allow us to host classes during the curriculum, after school, and also for the community at large."

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Headteacher Jim Smith added: "We are all super excited and incredibly grateful for the support from North Somerset Community Partnership.

“Covid19 has taken a hit on the country’s fitness levels, and this is part of our Clevedon response to regain our fitness levels.”

Clevedon School is one of only a handful of schools nationally with such a facility which includes air bikes, rowing machines, sleds, free weights, battle ropes, boxing pads, infinity rope pull and plyo boxes that can be used in and around a rig with an astro-turf surface.