Friends’ Titanic artwork mission

Lorin Robinson and Alex Price.

Lorin Robinson and Alex Price. - Credit: Weston College

A CLEVEDON student pushed a scale model of the sinking Titanic 15 miles from his home to Weston to get it to his college exhibition in time.

Lorin Robinson with his model of the Titanic.

Lorin Robinson with his model of the Titanic. - Credit: Weston College

Seventeen-year-old Lorin Robinson spent six hours hauling his piece of artwork through the night ready for Weston College’s annual summer arts show.

Lorin, of Beaconsfield Road, did not know how to transport his model from the front room of his home to Weston College, as he does not drive and the model was too big for the bus.

But with the help of friend Alex Price, aged 16, Lorin decided to push it 15 miles on a trolley made from an old go-kart.

He said: “We set off about 12.50am because we thought the roads would be quieter. They were, but we didn’t realise how many street lights are turned off at night, so it was much darker than we thought.”

The teenagers pushed the model – inspired by Lorin’s obsession with the doomed liner – through Kenn and on to Yatton.

There, they joined the Strawberry Line cycle path, leaving it at Congresbury to walk along the A370 to the M5 roundabout, then on to the college’s University Campus in Loxton Road.

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Lorin said: “We set off in high spirits, despite the dark, but by the time we got there we were absolutely exhausted.

“It had taken more than six hours. We’d only had a couple of short rest stops and when we arrived and found the college not yet open we fell asleep.”

Lorin’s model now takes pride of place in the college’s annual Creative Arts Summer Show, featuring work from art, design, graphics, performing arts, music and photography students.