Tortoise joins ranks at Tickenham Primary School

Children from Tickenham with the animals.

Children from Tickenham with the animals. - Credit: Sub

A tortoise is the latest addition to a school’s ‘Noah’s Ark’.

Children at Tickenham Primary School, in Clevedon Road, has welcomed Donna, a six-year-old tortoise.

Donna was donated to the school by a friend of the headteacher, Tristan Merriam, and she already has her own indoor and outdoor areas to play in and the children love having her on site.

Donna is one of many pets the school has, including Gatsby, a mini dachshund who has been at the school for almost two years.

Mr Merriam said: “People are joking about us becoming a Noah’s Ark.

“It is wonderful having so many pets on site.

“It is great for children’s holistic education.

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“It teaches them so much and provides a great focus at break times and lunchtimes.”

The school is part of the expanding Clevedon Learning Trust along with four other schools.