Dinosaur visits Portishead school


Youngsters from a Portishead school learned more about prehistoric creatures this week with the visit of a vicious beast.

Year two pupils at High Down Schools have been working on a project called Dinosaur Detectives this term, going back millions of years to learn about the fearsome animals which once strolled the earth.

Their studies have seen them learn more about dinosaurs’ food chains, life cycles, habitats, anatomy and their extinction.

And to take their learning to another level, the school welcomed a visit from Sophie, a ‘very convincing’ replica dinosaur which delighted the inquisitive youngsters.

Deputy headteacher Penny Atherton said: “Year two children enjoyed finding out about dinosaurs and fossils.

“They were amazed to meet Sophie, a very convincing T-Rex which blinks, roars and moves just like the real thing.”

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