Council supports school’s crossing campaign

St Francis School, Nailsea. School launching road safety campaign. Pupils, and police near busy road

St Francis School, Nailsea. School launching road safety campaign. Pupils, and police near busy road. - Credit: Archant

Nailsea Town Council is backing a primary school’s campaign for a crossing on Station Road.

Parents with children at St Francis Primary School believe an accident is imminent and they are calling for urgent action.

Mum-of-two Siobhan Hallmark appealed for councillors to back the campaign and call for a review of safety measures in the road.

Speaking at Nailsea Town Council meeting on January 11, she said: “Four years ago the lollipop lady left and wasn’t replaced. Traffic hurtles down the road.

“There’s a recommended 20mph zone in place but it’s not enforceable.

“Cars, vans and lorries regularly exceed 30mph and there have been a number of occasions when we and other parents with young children have had to pull them back off the road.

“Our concern is not is there going to be an accident, but when. This is a pressing matter and we need to have it addressed.

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“One of the things we are concerned about is that it’s an already busy road and with increased development it’s going to get busier.

“We are asking the town council to support a request for highways officers to investigate whether it’s a viable option and what road safety measure can be put in.”

The school has invited police officers in to talk to children about road safety and to monitor road users.

When the campaign was launched in November last year, headteacher Caroline Hostein said: “We are appealing to North Somerset to prioritise our children’s safety. We need better signs, road markings and a safer place for children to cross.”

Nailsea Town Council voted unanimously in favour of supporting the bid.

Chairman David Packham said: “We would support any review of the location for a crossing and for a crossing to be installed.”

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