Clevedon School climber overcomes injury to spark entrepreneurial dream

Laurence Proctor

Laurence Proctor - Credit: Contributed

A Clevedon student is dreaming of starting his own rock climbing business after overcoming a freak accident.

Laurence Proctor, aged 16, wants to combine his passion for the sport with his love of product design to set up his own venture.

But Laurence, who attends Clevedon School, has had to overcome adversity to rediscover his climbing talent after suffering a bad hand injury during a bouldering competition two years ago which hurt his confidence and motivation.

He said: “I am really glad I made it back into climbing because it allows me to push myself and escape from the stresses of life sometimes.

“I love both product design and rock climbing and aim to combine the two with my own business.”

Since completing his recovery Laurence has begun taking on some of the biggest challenges of his life by climbing peaks both in the UK and in European countries including as Malta, Spain and Turkey.