Clevedon School dinner lady retires after 30 years

Cynthia Cooper

Cynthia Cooper has retired after being a dinner lady at Clevedon School for 30 years. - Credit: Clevedon School

A much-loved dinner lady is retiring after 30 years of service at a North Somerset school.

Cynthia Cooper retired from Clevedon School after a presentation was held in honour of her time there.

Mrs Cooper first joined the academy in 1990.

The school's headteacher, Jim Smith, said Cynthia will be deeply missed, especially her smile.

Mr Smith said: "Cynthia is a truly special member of staff who is always happy and giving people a big smile. 

“With her cheerful nature, she always makes a star appearance in our staff videos and is always looking out for our students.

"We will miss her incredibly and wish her well in her retirement."

Cynthia Cooper with headteacher, Jim Smith.

A socially distanced presentation was held in honour of Cynthia's time at the academy. - Credit: Clevedon School

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During her time at the school, Cynthia is estimated to have served more than 40,000 students - including her own children and grandchildren.

She was presented with a bouquet of flowers and cake, which was shared by all who attended the send-off.

Social distancing guidelines were observed throughout.