School run traffic nightmare fears for new primary school

An indicative design of what the new primary school would look like.

An indicative design of what the new primary school would look like. - Credit: NSC

A new housing estate will become clogged with traffic during the school run, unless the road layout is changed.

That is the opinion of North Somerset councillor Jill Iles who fears ‘bedlam’ at Yatton’s North End in the years to come.

Bloor Homes is in the process of building more than 250 homes off Arnolds Way – and has this month sought to increase the number fractionally more.

It is relinquishing land within the estate to allow North Somerset Council to build a multi-million-pound primary school, but concerns over potential traffic levels when it opens in September 2021 are already being voiced.

Designs show just one way to reach the school from the entrance to the housing estate.

Cllr Iles, one of the Conservative councillors for Yatton, is particularly concerned.

She said: “There’s going to be absolute bedlam and hell as parents will bring their cars (into the estate) as they won’t walk.

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“People are going to be parking all over the Bloor development.

“We need to nip this in the bud as it has happened in other parts of the district.”

A steering group is said to be aware of the potential issue and has ‘major concerns’.

Bloor Homes has already won planning permission for a two-phase housing estate, which includes room for the school site and a ‘care village’ featuring about 60 apartments.

Work on the first phase of homes – approximately 150 – at Chestnut Park began a couple of years ago.

The second was set to feature 107 homes, but the company wants to build 111 instead.

It plans to not have any five-bedroom homes anymore within phase two, and instead wishes to build smaller homes, but more of them.

In documents submitted to North Somerset Council, Bloor said the move had been made upon advice of its sales team.

Yatton Parish Council raised no objections to the small alteration, although North Somerset will ultimately have the final say.

Cllr Jonathan Edwards said it was an ‘interesting move’ to prioritise smaller homes, while Cllr Chris Jackson commented ‘they are still as ugly as sin’.

To comment on Bloor’s revised proposal, visit North Somerset Council’s website and search for application 18/P/4344/RM.