Anglo-Saxon day for Portishead school


Anglo-Saxon - Credit: Supplied

Pupils at a Portishead school have been experiencing life in Anglo-Saxon England.

Pupils in years four and five at St Joseph’s Primary School in Portishead have spent a day living in Anglo-Saxon England.

The school, in Bristol Road, held a special Anglo-Saxon-themed day run by Portals to the Past, a company which holds stimulating history workshops for pupils through to key stage three.

Children learned about everything from the hierarchy and etiquette of the lord’s hall and the language and story of Beowulf, to the burial of a Saxon king and how archaeologists piece together the information they find on digs.

Activities included a Saxon quiz, a display of weapons and armour from the period and a game of fox and geese - a Saxon board game.

Teacher Samantha Sherlock said: “This activity-based day brought this period to life.”