A taste of Africa at Clevedon School

Team Jelanie

Team Jelanie - Credit: supplied

A KENYAN-THEMED evening was put on at Clevedon School to raise awareness of a national charity.

Organised by a group of A-level students, called Team Jelani, the evening included an African drumming workshop as well as a presentation about Mend the Gap and a selection of food from the country, including an African curry.

Mend the Gap works to link communities in the UK with those in eastern Africa, implementing projects to eradicate poverty and advance education.

Clevedon School has a link with the charity and trips to Kenya have been held to allow pupils to get involved in the charity’s work.

The school’s recent event was attended by governors, teachers, business associates and parents of students who visited Kenya in July.

Clevedon School deputy head Gareth Beynon said: “The event was a great success. The students succeeded in their main aim of raising awareness of Mend the Gap and the attendees were captivated throughout the night.”