Drivers asked to park considerately

DRIVERS visiting some of Portishead’s newest venues are being asked to park more considerately.

Since the opening of new bars and restaurants in Harbour Road, car parking in the area has become a cause for complaint with congestion at busy times.

Despite the Waitrose car park being only yards away, people going for a meal or a drink have been consistently parking in Harbour Road.

However, because the road is unadopted and still in developers’ hands, there are no yellow lines or restrictions preventing cars being parked there.

Portishead Town Council chairman Reyna Knight said: “There is the Waitrose car park but over the years we have had bars and restaurants opened people just park on the road and it does get a bit congested.

“I have received a number of complaints about it.

“People just won’t walk the 100 yards or so from the car park, they prefer to be as close as they can.

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“It would be good if people could be more considerate and thought about where they park.

“You only need three or four cars that don’t bother parking elsewhere to cause a problem.”