Driver rescued from sinking car

A WORKER at Portbury’s docks had to be rescued by a police officer after his car careered off the quay and into the water.

The accident happened at about 10.15pm on October 17 when a car fell 3m into the water at one of the berths at the Royal Portbury Dock.

The driver managed to radio his office colleagues who then alerted the police.

When police officers got to the scene they saw the car floating in the water. PC Sean Kirk took a nearby life ring and told a colleague to hold the attached rope while he went into the water with a hammer and swam to the car.

He managed to help the driver escape from the vehicle, which then sank below the surface of the 15m-deep water, before aiding him to dry land.

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Both were examined by medics following their time in the cold water but it is understood neither was seriously injured during the incident.

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