Door salesmen warning

THE police have issued a warning and a series of tips to help householders deal with suspicious door-to-door salesmen.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary says it has had several reports about the unexpected callers, who say they are selling things as part of a probation-related course after being released from prison.

This is not true, and anyone selling door-to-door must have a pedlar’s licence, or if they claim to work for a utilities company they must show identification.

The police have set out a series of tips to help residents ascertain whether the callers are genuine or not.

You can confirm whether someone is from the company they say they work for by calling the organisation, using the number listed in your local directory as opposed to the one provided by the caller.

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Many service providers also give password schemes and you can sign up to these.

The force is also urging communities to look out for elderly and vulnerable people, and reminding householders to keep doors locked and windows secured at all times.

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If you have concerns about people operating in your area call the police on 101.

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