Donations flood in for family made homeless by fire

The slums in Katanga, Uganda.

The slums in Katanga, Uganda. - Credit: Archant

Generous Nailsea residents raised hundreds of pounds within hours to help a family whose house was devastated by a fire.

Mamma Dausi and her family who were made homeless by a fire.

Mamma Dausi and her family who were made homeless by a fire. - Credit: Archant

The fire ravaged the home of Mamma Dausi who is supported by the charity Hope for Life Katanga, which was set up by Mark and Megan Walters from Nailsea.

The family-of-nine, who live in the Katanga slum, lost nearly everything in the blaze on September 21.

Just hours after the fire, supporters began sending donations to help the family who have now received new beds, food, cooking utensils, school uniforms and money to enable Mamma Dausi to restart her business.

More than 80 per cent of the donations received were from people living in Nailsea.

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Hope For Life Katanga is also housing the family in a spare building until they can find a new home.

Mark Walters, chair of trustees with the charity, said: “We want to give a big thanks to those who were able to respond quickly, to donate and give support to this family after such a tragic incident.

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“It is not uncommon for individuals to be seriously injured or even die as a result of a similar fire but thankfully, on this occasion, there were no injuries.”

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