Dogs attacked in Court Wood

A CLEVEDON man and his dog were left with puncture wounds and cuts after they were attacked by two Rottweilers while out on an evening walk.

Gordon Ainsby was walking his Spaniel, Fiddler, in Court Wood when the two large dogs came running toward them, pounced on Fiddler and began biting him on the neck and hind quarters.

As Mr Ainsby, aged 62, tried to intervene and get the Rottweilers off of his dog, he was also bitten on the hand and the leg, leaving him with puncture wounds and ripped trousers.

After biting the Westfield resident, the Rottweilers then went back to attacking Fiddler before Mr Ainsby managed to kick them off and carry his dog back to his Land Rover parked nearby.

Mr Ainsby, who walks his dogs in Court Wood at least five times a week, said: “What if it had been a child walking their dog?

“They just tore into Fiddler. They just picked him up like a rag doll.

“Their owner just stood there and said not to worry as they would stop soon.

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“If it had been a young person or a slight-built woman they probably would not have been strong enough to get these dogs off.”

The incident happened at about 6.45pm on October 28.

Fiddler, who is aged 15 and suffers from arthritis, was taken to Golden Valley Veterinary Hospital in Nailsea for emergency treatment. He has now made a full recovery.

Fortunately, Mr Ainsby’s other Spaniel, Jasper, had been far enough away that he was not attacked by the brown and black Rottweilers.

Mr Ainsby reported the incident to the police. However, no charges will be brought against the owner of the Rottweilers due to the fact it cannot be proved which dog but Mr Ainsby.