Dog poo to get the boot?

Dog poo to get the boot?

DOG poo could soon be scooped up for good in a popular Nailsea playing field if North Somerset Council agrees to a dog control order.

The authority is preparing to carry out a public consultation on whether or not dog owners should be forced to keep their pets on leads while using The Grove playing fields.

The fields are used regularly by Nailsea United Football Club, Nailsea Juniors and Nailsea Cricket Club and members often complain of dog mess on the pitch.

At a meeting of the Nailsea Playing Fields Association, members heard how two people have been bitten by dogs on the fields and numerous residents have been complaining about dog poo which is not being picked up by owners.

In a report to Nailsea Town Council, councillor John Wilson said: “Some owners are still ignoring the instructions to keep dogs on a lead and are not clearing away dog mess.

“Even when the mess is cleared there is still a residue on the grass and this is very unpleasant for sportsmen.”

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Nailsea Town Council has written to North Somerset to ask the authority to carry out a public consultation on whether to impose a dog control order in the recreational area.

North Somerset Council is now writing to other town and parish councils to find out whether any other authorities would like to set up dog control orders and it will be carrying out a consultation on all requests early next year.

North Somerset Council spokesman Richard Turner said: “We have had a request from North Somerset Council to look at a dog control order in The Grove playing fields and will be going out to consultation in the new year.

“The consultation will take about a month and we will be inviting comments through our website and also written comments.

“North Somerset Council will then make the decision whether or not to impose a dog control order.”