Dog-lover to live in kennel

A PORTISHEAD dog lover is planning take up residence in a kennel to raise money and awareness for a dog rescue charity.

Matthew Hall who lives in West Hill set up Second Chance Dog Rescue in July to support unwanted dogs and those that had been subject to violence.

Next month he plans to spend 100 hours in a pen at Harley Boarding Kennels in Congresbury, where his charity is based, to support the plight of unwanted dogs.

The 44-year-old has rescued more than 60 dogs this year and has managed to find good homes for a large majority of them. He currently has 15 dogs in his care.

The experienced dog handler takes in the unwanted animals, assesses them and ensures they get the professional treatment they require. He then nurses them back to good mental and physical health before locating good homes for them.

During his time experiencing a dog’s life, which starts on December 4, Matthew will not talk but is allowed to bark to attract attention from visitors who drop by to check on his progress.

Sponsors are invited to make payment direct to Second Chance at Lloyds TSB sort code 30-18-88 account number 26231360 or by sending cheques to Harley Kennels in Dole Moor Lane, Congresbury.

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