Dismay at state of residential road

RESIDENTS of a severely-potholed road in Clevedon have expressed their dismay at the fact, despite numerous requests, no efforts have been made to repair it.

Simon Morgan, who has lived in Woodington Road for some 26 years, has reported the state of its surface to North Somerset Council several times since it became a noticeable problem. At least two of his neighbours, including Robert Scanlan, have also raised concerns about the potholes with the council but to no avail.

Mr Morgan said: “Both times I have recently raised the issue, the council has come back and said they don’t think there is anything wrong with it.

“About a month ago my neighbour spotted someone spraying yellow paint around some of the holes but then nothing was done.

“I think it could be dangerous for anyone crossing the road who might be a bit unsteady.

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“You really have to slow down in your car so it doesn’t damage the suspension.

“The only time the road is any good is when it is covered in snow and ice when it is quite smooth

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“There are a lot of people who use this section of the road as it is near the entrance to Woodington Road and Braikenridge Close, and those living in Cavell Court also use it.

“Without doubt I think this is the worst road in Clevedon for potholes.”

A North Somerset Council spokesman said Woodington Road is one of a number of streets being considered for a winter patching programme.

They added: “We are going through roads that need improvements to decide which will get this patching work.

“We have a limited amount of funding for this so they have to be done on a priority basis.

“We are hoping Woodington Road will get sorted out over the winter period but we cannot guarantee it at this stage.

“We have limited resources and have to spread them as fairly as we can.”

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