Discarded items could be dumped at town hall

AN EASTON-IN-GORDANO man has threatened to dump items of rubbish at the headquarters of North Somerset Council in revenge for recycling collectors leaving litter strewn across the village.

Graham Watts, who runs the Pill law firm Park Home Legal Services, has also said he will take photos of operatives dropping items on the roads and pavements to use as evidence of littering, which is a criminal offence.

The 64-year-old has written to North Somerset Council’s chief executive, Graham Turner, about rubbish being regularly left on the roads and pavements near his Marsh Lane property.

It said: “Since your recycling system became operational, I have become increasingly angry at the litter left behind by the collectors, which happens more often than not each week.

“(On March 30) waste contained in green recycling bins awaiting removal was discarded on the ground and ignored.

“I left my property only to unwittingly catch up with the recycling lorry. The trail of their reckless progress could not be missed: empty tin cans, polythene, lemonade bottles and paper were strewn across the road.”

In his letter, he also suggests three options of how residents could deal with the issue - collecting the discarded items and periodically depositing them in the foyer of Weston’s town hall, photographing those who drop the items or not using green recycling bins at all.

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Mr Watts added: “If the council is not prepared to prosecute their own people for littering then I can go to the police.

“There are times in life when you’ve got to dig your heels in.”

A North Somerset Council spokesman said: “The refuse and recycling contractors have a duty to clean up any mess they are responsible for.

“May Gurney will be investigating the incident and ensuring the message of cleaning up any litter or mess is re-enforced to all crews.

“The council has contract monitoring in place to ensure incidences such as this do not occur and a team of area officers who carry out routine inspections across the district.”

“If there is a problem with litter left after a collection this is something the council’s streets and open spaces department can tackle.

“If we are told we can ensure the contractor returns to clean up the area.

“This is in addition to our street cleaning schedule that is in place.”

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