Demand for action on empty ‘eyesore’

ANGRY residents in Nailsea are calling for action to be taken over an ‘eyesore’ in the town.

People living in Sycamore Close say they are fed up with looking at the boarded-up windows of Sycamore House and are appealing for something to be done about the building.

The building used to be an old people’s home until it was bought by Development Securities along with Crown Glass Shopping Centre about two years ago.

Since then it has been boarded-up and left unoccupied, but residents living in the area are asking the owners to tell them what is going to happen with the building.

In a letter from the residents of Sycamore Close to Nailsea Town Council and North Somerset Council, the concerned homeowners state: “We as residents want a straight answer as to the future of Sycamore House as we are fed up with acting as security guards for the owners of the property and we are sick of seeing the boards up in the windows.

“There are so many people in need of housing, why does it take so long for anyone to make a decision regarding this property?”

The letter also claims the police and fire service are often called out to the house due to squatters and troublemakers, but the owners of the building dispute this.

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Speaking on behalf of the owners, town centre manager James Lucas said: “There have been no squatters in the building and the fire brigade and police haven’t been called.

“We’ve invited Avon and Somerset police and Avon Fire and Rescue Service to carry out training in the building, which has led to the misunderstanding with residents.

“There are certainly no plans to do anything with it due to the financial downturn. Had this not have happened I’m sure we would have had quite a number of plans coming forward.

“We’ve boarded up the windows and kept it clean and tidy and we inspect it on a daily basis and look after it.”

At a meeting of Nailsea Town Council’s planning and environmental committee last week, the members agreed to support the residents of Sycamore Close in pushing for something to be done about the building.