D-Day for Dr Liam Fox?

NORTH Somerset’s MP Dr Liam Fox could hear today (Mon) whether he will keep hold of his job as the Government’s Defence Secretary following days of allegations regarding his working relationship with his friend Adam Werrity.

The Conservative cabinet member has come under fire following revelations about how he allowed Mr Werrity regular access to Ministry of Defence buildings, despite the fact he had no security clearance and was not a Government employee.

On Friday, Dr Fox took the unusual step to launch an inquiry into his own actions, asking the Permanent Secretary to investigate whether he had broken the Ministerial Code or compromised national security.

Over the weekend it was also revealed Mr Werrity, Dr Fox’s best man and former flatmate, had regularly handed out business cards claiming to be an official advisor to the Tickenham resident.

He had also accompanied Dr Fox on trips to Sri Lanka and Dubai, when sensitive issues were discussed.

Last night (Sun), Dr Fox read a statement admitting it was a mistake to ‘allow distinctions to be blurred’ between his professional responsibilities and his oyalties to a friend.

He added: “At no stage did I or my department provide classified information or briefings to Mr Werrity or assist with his commercial work - let alone benefit personally from this work. Nevertheless, I do accept that given Mr Werrity’s defence related business interests, my frequent contacts with him may have given an impression of wrongdoing and may have given third parties the misleading impression that Mr Werrity was an official advisor rather than simply a friend.”

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Later today, Dr Fox is due to make a statement to MPs and the Prime Minister David Cameron is due to receive a report into his actions.