Curzon cinema balcony could return after donation

Junior Poon Chinese Restaurant and Wine Bar make Curzon cinema donation.

Junior Poon Chinese Restaurant and Wine Bar have made a sizeable donation towards the Curzon's #BringBackTheBalcony fund. - Credit: Junior Poon Chinese Restaurant and Wine Bar

Plans to reopen Curzon Cinema's Grand Balcony have been given a boost following a substantial donation made by a Clevedon restaurant owner.

Junior Poon Chinese Restaurant and Wine Bar made a £5,000 contribution to the cinema's fundraiser labelling it an asset to the town's community.

The Clevedon Curzon. Picture: MARK ATHERTON

The Clevedon Curzon. Picture: MARK ATHERTON - Credit: Archant

The restaurant's owners said: "The Curzon has always been an asset for the community.

"It is an affordable outing for young families, as they do not have to travel into Bristol and overspend. I felt I would like to do my part to keep the cinema available to the community."

The eatery raised the money through a gift voucher scheme used by its customers.

Curzon's chief executive hopes to reach its fundraising goal before the end of the year - meaning that the grand balcony can be put to use in the next year.

Susannah Shaw told the Times: "After our incredible campaign to save the roof, when more than £130,000 was raised by our North Somerset community alone, we were absolutely overjoyed to know that the community were still willing to dig deep to help restore our wonderful balcony."

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The balcony has been closed to the public since 1973 and plans to reopen began in late 2020 when contractors working on the roof removed the false ceiling to improve air circulation.

Plans to refurbish the cinema also include adding a nod to its old appearance with lounge-style seating.

An old view from the balcony.

An old view from the balcony. Curzon Cinema - Credit: Curzon Cinema

Mrs Shaw also confirmed that the Curzon is currently performing below pre-Covid numbers leading up to the Christmas period despite the release of popular movies such as James Bond: No Time To Die.

She added: "[The cinema] is still operating 40 per cent below its usual performance level for this time of year, with staff and volunteers working flat out, like many other businesses, to be inventive and creative with extra events."

As it stands, the #BringBackTheBalcony fund is £15,000 short of its target.

To donate towards the #BringBackTheBalcony appeal, log on to

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