Man jailed after trashing house he was kicked out of for painting swastikas on wall

Carl Satterly. Picture: Avon and Somerset Constabulary

Carl Satterly. Picture: Avon and Somerset Constabulary - Credit: Avon and Somerset Constabulary

A man has been jailed after trashing a Yatton house he had previously been staying in but was kicked out for branding the walls with swastikas.

Carl Satterly, aged 23, had been staying at the home of Mark Churchill when he was kicked out for painting the Nazi branding on the walls.

Mr Churchill left Satterly's belongings outside the flat and told him 'he was not welcome back'.

Satterly, of Allans Way in Weston, was sentenced at Bristol Crown Court on April 30 after pleading guilty to burglary with intent to cause damage.

Prosecutor Julian Howells told the court: "The defendant returned on March 3 asking to come in but was refused. He responded by telling the victim 'he would be back and would smash the windows in'.

"A short time later the defendant and four others pulled up in a red people carrier. Mr Churchill, in fear, locked up his flat and left."

The quintet entered and exited the block of flats through the back and, when Mr Churchill returned, found his front door had been damaged and kicked in.

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Mr Howells added: "Emulsion paint had been thrown over the living room windows and they smashed. Paint had also been thrown over other windows, the floor, furniture and clothes.

"Mr Churchill went to his neighbours (in Mendip Road) to call the police. The neighbour who witnessed some of the incident later saw the vehicle at the shop.

"When police got to the shops, the vehicle had gone.

"The neighbour said Mr Churchill had become mixed up in the wrong crowd recently and people were often going to the flat of late, which made him worry."

Satterly was picked up by police in Winterstoke Road in Weston later that day.

Simon Cooper, defending, spoke of Satterly's troubled past after leaving school with no GCSEs, A-levels or career prospects.

He added: "He is a young man with a number of issues which he will need to address at some point. He lacks thinking skills and behaves in a knee-jerk reactive manner."

Judge Julian Lambert sentenced Satterly to 18 months in prison for the 'serious offence'.

He said: "You had a choice that day, and what you did was deliberate. Another vulnerable man was left hugely intimidated."