Man jailed for train bomb hoax

Shaun Walsh was sentenced to three years.

Shaun Walsh was sentenced to three years. - Credit: Archant

A man has been jailed for three years after telling train passengers it was the last journey they were ever going to take because he had a bomb.

The train had stopped at Nailsea and Backwell Railway Station on April 23 when Shaun Walsh, from Bristol, uttered the terrifying words in front of a carriage full of passengers.

The 26-year-old, of Wick Road, denied making the announcement, but magistrates found him guilty of carrying out a bomb hoax.

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Prosecutor Jo Packer, speaking at the hearing at North Somerset Courthouse in St Georges, in April, said: "At 2.15pm the defendant was on board a train which had arrived at Nailsea and Backwell Station.

"Witnesses reported hearing Mr Walsh say 'I have got a bomb and I'm going to kill you all. I make them at home and I am not joking'.

"Other witnesses reported hearing Mr Walsh say 'this is the last journey you are ever going to take. I have got a bomb'.

The court was told witnesses feared for their safety and believed the threat was real and Walsh would detonate a bomb.

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Ms Packer said: "One witness was so afraid she got off early and went to a petrol station and asked them to lock her in.

"Witnesses also reported seeing Mr Walsh walking up and down opening windows and playing with the emergency exit."

The court was told Walsh was wearing an orange puffer jacket on a hot day, which meant passengers could not see what he had on underneath.

Witnesses said they were 'terrified' and believed the threat was real.

The British Transport Police was called to the station and arrested Walsh for committing a bomb hoax.

Ms Packer added: "After he was arrested he said 'they knew I didn't have a bomb'.

"He said he didn't claim to have a bomb and he didn't make any threats to blow up the train.

"He believes it may have been misinterpreted by those around him.

"He said he had no intention of causing alarm or distress."

Judge Martin Picton jailed Walsh for three years during a sentencing hearing at Bristol Crown Court on Thursday.

He told Walsh his actions were 'antisocial and disruptive'.