Pub fight at family wake

A BRAWL broke out at a wake after a pub landlord refused to serve alcohol to a raucous family.

Mark Flanagan, from Clevedon, appeared at North Somerset Courthouse on Thursday alongside three members of his family, from Bristol.

All four were jointly charged with causing fear of unlawful violence after a scuffle broke out at the Winford Arms, near Bristol Airport, on November 9.

The court heard how the family attended the pub for a wake and after the landlord refused to serve more alcohol a riot broke out.

Prosecuting, Kelly Marshall, said: “Bar stools were thrown and police described it as a brawl.

“They had been at a funeral so as you can imagine emotions were running high.”

Each member of the family that was charged, who are aged between 61-23, played a different role in the brawl, from shouting and swearing to clenching fists and throwing furniture.

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Mark Flanagan, aged 40 of Tuckmill, tried to separate the disturbance but was pushed over.

He picked up a chair, but was stopped from using it by his wife.

Mitigating, Owen Strickland, said one of the defendant’s daughters ended up unconscious on the floor during the altercation and that local drinkers were also involved.

Between the defendants they were ordered to pay �420 in fines, �110 court costs and a victim surcharge of �60.