Pregnant mum tagged after stealing petrol

North Somerset Courthouse.

North Somerset Courthouse. - Credit: Archant

A PREGNANT mother has been ordered to wear an electronic tag for her ‘devious behaviour’ after repeatedly stealing petrol.

Samantha Robinson, of Harbour Road in Portishead, appeared in court charged with making off without paying on three separate occasions.

The 23-year-old, who has two young sons, admitted to going to Waitrose petrol station several times last year and taking fuel valued at £75.02.

On the first occasion on October 29, Robinson filled up her car with petrol and then told the cashier she had no means to pay.

She was made to fill out a form stating her intent to make payment, but did not return.

The next time, on November 4, she told the cashier her card was taken by the cash machine – but CCTV showed she had made no attempt to use the ATM.

She again attended the petrol station on December 8 and similarly gave reasons why she could not buy the fuel, and when the police spoke to her she gave a false address.

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Robinson was set a community resolution to reimburse the store £20 a week, but failed to make a payment and was summoned to North Somerset Courthouse on Monday.

Jane Cooper, prosecuting, said Miss Robinson told the police her mind was elsewhere due to her pregnancy.

Magistrate Alan Webb said: “You have been accused of quite devious behaviour, you knew perfectly well what you were doing and you implicated someone else by using their address.”

Robinson was not represented by a solicitor, and spoke to the court directly.

She said: “I am very stupid and I have learnt from my mistakes, I certainly won’t be doing it again. I am really sorry.”

Mr Webb said: “You say you feel sorry and stupid, let’s hope that means you won’t be seeing the inside of a court ever again. If you are back here ever again, we will punish you more severely.”

The court ordered Miss Robinson to be placed under curfew at her home address from 7am to 7pm for four weeks.

The magistrate did not disqualify her from driving because she has a child with autism.

She was also ordered to pay £220.02 in court costs, victim surcharge and compensation.