Police take action against middle-lane 'hogger' on M5

Middle lane driver M5 Avon Somerset Police

The driver was caught on camera 'hogging' the middle lane on the M5 - Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

A common complaint among drivers is people 'hogging' the middle lane on the motorway.

Well, it appears police do take action against those who linger in an overtaking lane too long.

On Wednesday, Avon and Somerset Police posted on social media about a case where they had taken action.

"A bugbear for many," the post from an account managed by the Roads Policing and Road Safety Teams, read. 

"Vehicle seen travelling (on the) M5 South, lane 2, 64mph. Nothing in Lane 1. 

"This driving behaviour reduces road capacity, increases congestion and inconveniences others."

The post went on to say that the driver had been issued with a TOR - a traffic offence report - for driving without due care and attention.