Jury considers verdict in nurse manslaughter case


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A Portishead nurse accused of manslaughter has told a court she kept doctors informed when she had difficulties with a medical procedure.

10-year-old Phoebe Willis died in 2012.

10-year-old Phoebe Willis died in 2012. - Credit: Archant

Carrie-Anne Nash, of Tansy Lane, has pleaded not guilty at Bristol Crown Court to the manslaughter of Phoebe Willis.

The jury has this morning (Tuesday) retired to consider its verdict.

Phoebe had to be fed by a tube, which Nash was called to Weston General Hospital to replace. But it was not inserted correctly, and Phoebe died of an infection.

Nash, aged 34, said she kept a doctor on the ward informed of Phoebe’s progress.

She also said she took one last go of re-inserting the tube because Phoebe’s mum, Heather, asked her to.

Giving evidence, Nash said: “I did consider there were dangers in trying again, but I only tried once. I felt it was appropriate because at this point, Phoebe was more relaxed and a big part in changing buttons is having a child who is relaxed.”

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The prosecution says Nash did not mean to kill Phoebe but her care was ‘criminally’ below the required standard.