Jail after attack on pregnant partner

A CLEVEDON man who repeatedly assaulted the mother of his child, even attacking her while she was heavily pregnant, has been jailed.

Miles Kemmery was sentenced to six months in prison by North Somerset magistrates on Thursday but was not given a restraining order because the couple ‘want to make their relationship work.’

The 24-year-old, of Hillview Avenue, pleaded guilty to three charges of assault on his partner Danica Williams, aged around 20, and two charges of criminal damage to property.

Karen Grant, prosecuting, told magistrates that police have assessed the case as high risk.

She said: “On February 15 the couple were at Danica’s parents’ address in Clevedon, at a time when she was 35 weeks pregnant.

“An argument over a phone contract payment occurred and the defendant punched the door of the bathroom and pushed Danica over the bath while pushing her bump into the bath.

“Another incident occurred after the baby had been born in which he kicked her in the stomach and attempted to drag her down the stairs.

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“On May 15, at Kingston Seymour, he threw a Moses basket at her, which hit her shins, before he left. At 10.30pm he returned and grabbed her around the throat and squeezed.

“The same night he pulled her hair before throwing the TV, which hit her on the legs while she was under the duvet. He then punched her in the chest, grabbed her neck and squeezed.”

Ms Grant said the couple have been together for two years and told the court their young child was present at one or some of these incidents.

She said Ms Williams had an injury to her breast bone and bruising to her leg because of the impact from the Moses basket.

James Mumford, defending, said: “Ms Williams does not want the protection of a restraining order.

“She has visited Mr Kemmery in prison since the offences and talked about the situation of their relationship. They want to try to make this relationship work. He does have mood swings, suffers from paranoia and is prone to fits, which has been diagnosed and he wants to do something about it.”

Magistrates sentenced Kemmery to five months in prison for the three assault charges, to run consecutively, and one month for each of the two criminal damage charges, to run concurrently, totalling six months in prison. There was no order for costs and no restraining order because the victim did not want one.