Council hopes mobile cameras will stop fly-tippers

More than 2,000 incidents of fly-tipping were reported to the council last year.

North Somerset Council hopes to deter fly-tippers by installing mobile cameras in hotspots. - Credit: Archant

Mobile cameras will be deployed across North Somerset in an attempt to crackdown on fly-tippers in the area.

North Somerset Council's executive for environmental services has told the Mercury and Times that newly recruited enforcement officers will help with identifying rule-breakers.

Cllr Mike Solomon confirmed that one person has already been prosecuted for fly-tipping in the area.

He said: "We have already prosecuted someone recently.

"They received a six-month prison term, suspended for two years, and have been made to work 200 hours of unpaid community service.

"They were also fined £2,000."

Cllr Mike Solomon

Cllr Mike Solomon said the council was "taking a serious view" on its fly-tipping issue. - Credit: NSC

Mr Solomon hopes that, by taking action, the council can begin to deter any future offenders.

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He added: "We are taking a serious view on this matter and will set up mobile cameras to catch offenders in the act."

The council has also stepped up its campaign against reckless dog owners - issuing three fines for dogs being off leads in unpermitted areas since July 9.