Fake gun brandished in town

A TEENAGE boy brandished a fake gun at people in Clevedon’s town centre - leaving one victim too afraid to return to the area.

During a hearing at North Somerset Courthouse on Thursday, magistrates were told how Pam Davies was left petrified when the 13-year-old pointed the imitation gun at her through the doors of The Barn youth centre.

He had previously pointed it at shoppers at the nearby Morrisons supermarket.

Jane Cooper, prosecuting, said Ms Davies had written a letter which stated the incident had affected her family life.

Ms Cooper said: “The letter states Pam Davies does not shop in Clevedon anymore. She said ‘although we have family there we do not visit’.”

The Weston boy pleaded guilty to two charges of possessing an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear or violence.

The court heard he first used the green toy handgun, which made an electrical noise, in Morrisons off Great Western Road on June 23, where he pointed it at Sally Marsland.

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Ms Cooper said: “He stood in the doorway, in front of a large group of youths and said ‘this is a stick up’.”

He later intimidated Pam Davies on the same day at The Barn also in Great Western Road.

The court heard that when the boy could not get into the building he started kicking the door and pointed the gun at it.

Ms Cooper said: “Ms Davies thought he was going to shoot his way into the building. And she said: ‘I felt petrified to the spot, and I had never seen a real gun before. He then raised the gun and pointed it at me’.”

Ian Parker, defending, told the court the boy felt remorse for his actions and has sent apology letters to both victims.

Mr Parker said: “He has had a difficult year, which had impacted on his family relationships. His mother did not feel she could deal with him and foster care was arranged.

After taking two over doses and being badly beaten up by another resident in care, the boy returned home shortly before starting boarding school in September.

Mr Parker said: “It was a toy, made of plastic, and the action was not premeditated.”

The boy was given an 18-month youth rehabilitation order and an 18-month order of education requirement. His mother was ordered to pay �100 compensation to the two victims.