Woman pleads guilty to assaulting staff in Clevedon pub


- Credit: Archant

A woman who punched staff and ‘exposed her private parts’ in a Clevedon pub has pleaded guilty to assault.

Ellelouise Green, aged 20 of Greenfield Crescent in Nailsea, appeared in North Somerset Courthouse on January 24 accused of assaulting three people at The Salthouse, in Salthouse Road, and for threatening and abusive behaviour.

The court was told Green entered the pub drunk with a friend at 3pm on June 19 and began shouting at customers, asking ‘what are you looking at?’. Green and her friend were refused service by the bartenders.

The pair were found at 6pm the same day pouring whisky into their cokes and were told to leave by staff.

Prosecutor Kevin Blackmore said: “The defendant began using foul and abusive language in an area which contained children.

“She was escorted to the edge of the property where she exposed her groin in full view of the pub.

“Miss Green returned to the pub at 9pm and began shouting and exposing her breasts. There were 30 to 40 people in the restaurant area at the time.

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“She then knocked a glass out of a customer’s hand, causing it to smash on the floor.”

The magistrates heard how Green began to lash out and throw punches at the staff who were escorting her from the building.

She caught one member of staff, Sandi Issacs on the hand, scratching her.

Off-duty bartender Paul Marshall intervened and began walking Green to the car park when she punched him in the face, bruising his nose.

The third victim, Georgina Pike, assisted Mr Marshall by restraining Green’s arms but the defendant spat at her hand and tried to bite her.

Mr Blackmore added: “The defendant continued to use foul and abusive language while customers were sat on the patio watching.”

Sue Cameron, mitigating, told the court Green pleaded guilty on the basis of the charges but disagreed with the prosecution’s version of events, saying she reacted after being manhandled and was not trying to cause harm intentionally.

Mrs Cameron said Green has had problems with anger management and binge drinking but is now seeking help.

She will be sentenced at the courthouse at 10.30am on February 14.