Drud addict attacks mum over cash

A CLEVEDON teen drug addict flew into a rage with his mum and attacked her because she refused to give him money to fund his habit.

Ryan Day was spending up to �30-a-day on cannabis when he assaulted his mother Linda on February 5.

The 19-year-old appeared for sentencing at North Somerset Courthouse on May 12 after pleading guilty to assault by beating and criminal damage at an earlier hearing.

Alison Longhorn, prosecuting, told magistrates how Mrs Day arrived home at around 6pm on the day of the attack and made dinner for her son.

She said: “He was in his bedroom and approximately an hour-and-a-half later he burst into the front room and shouted where’s my ******* tea?

“Mrs Day didn’t reply in fear he may kick off. He made his way into the kitchen and said ‘I want some money, give me some’.”

Day then burst into the front room making ‘punching and kicking motions’ at his mum and then smacked her across the head.

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Ms Longhorn added: “He went to grab her handbag and a scuffle took place. She managed to retrieve the handbag and he made his way out of the room and punched the door.”

When Day, of Parnell Road, was arrested he admitted attacking his mum and told police of his drug habit, and said if he didn’t smoke it would make his ‘depressed, angry and sometimes violent’.

In a written statement, Mrs Day said her son’s behaviour began to change three years ago and he was diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

He was prescribed antidepressants and his behaviour improved but he lost his college place when he was 18 and took a turn for the worse.

Day began smoking cannabis instead of taking prescribed medication and it got to the point that his mum started avoiding him as she lived in fear.

But the court was told that since the attack Day has sought help for his addiction, is looking for accommodation and has started taking antidepressants again.

Mrs Day said: “While he’s been living with me he has shown that he is trying to make an effort to change.”

Magistrates imposed a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered Day to pay �40 costs.

Chief magistrate Jeremy Williams said: “You are a very lucky person. Your mother has stood by you – she is the best thing you have.”