Driver jailed for hit-and-run which forced victim to cancel wedding

Kevin Sandy was given an 18 month jail sentence at Bristol Crown Court. Picture: Avon and Somerset C

Kevin Sandy was given an 18 month jail sentence at Bristol Crown Court. Picture: Avon and Somerset Constabulary - Credit: Archant

A Clevedon man who drove over a man’s leg and ‘significantly affected every aspect of his life’ has been jailed for 18 months.

Kevin Sandy, of Hallam Road, pleaded guilty to causing serious injury to Andrew Thompson by driving dangerously in April 2017.

He was driving in Wyndham Way in Portishead on April 9 when roadworks were taking place.

He waited in traffic to take a right-hand turn into a pet shop to buy dog food but became impatient and got out of his car and moved a traffic cone out of his car's path to make the turn.

Mr Thompson, a traffic management officer, approached Sandy and told him he 'cannot do that'.

But the 53-year-old got back in his vehicle and drove through the gap and straight at Mr Thompson, striking him and causing 'very significant injuries'.

Mr Thompson was taken to hospital with his left leg broken in several places, a dislocated and broken left thumb, a broken wrist, broken nose and his two front teeth knocked out when his head hit the car.

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His broken leg became infected which resulted in a lengthy hospital stay for treatment which had a long-term impact on his life.

He told Bristol Crown Court on Friday: "I have not been able to return to work and have since lost my job. I was due to get married in November 2018 but it did not happen because of the distress I suffered after the accident and the psychological effects it had.

"I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and continue to use a crutch when walking. I undertake a large amount of counselling and as of January I could only stand up for five minutes before getting tired and can only walk a maximum distance of 250 metres.

"I was left with significant scarring and have had my personal pride and self-respect affected."

Sandy drove home and left the scene, he called the police 10 minutes after the incident, and was arrested that evening.

The court heard Sandy was a man of good character with an extensive driving history as a former lorry driver and dropped off medicine to elderly people.

Judge Euan Ambrose said Sandy's actions were 'so serious' a custodial sentence 'must be served'.

He said: "The victim was wearing highly visible clothing and was there to be seen, you drove off in panic having been seen by several eye-witnesses.

"You knocked him to the ground and it was obvious what had happened.

"There are a number of factors which make this case worse, mostly the number of injuries you caused which have significantly affected every aspect of his life."

Sandy will be disqualified from driving for two years and nine months after leaving prison and will have to take a test to regain his licence.

He must also pay compensation.