‘Anxious’ son punched dad after argument

A MAN with mental health issues punched his father in the head because he felt ‘insulted’ after an argument with his parents.

Graham Page, aged 39, pleaded guilty to assaulting his father Frank Page, a Nailsea doctor in his 60s, after a disagreement on February 26.

Asif Anjam, defending, told North Somerset magistrates that Page had suffered with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and depression at university.

Mr Anjam said: “Graham moved to Japan where he got married and lived for eight years. He developed an addiction to the drug opiate and his alcohol intake grew. His marriage broke down and he moved back in with his parents in Nailsea. On February 11 he was admitted into Broadway Lodge and received a prescription.”

Mr Anjam said on the night of the incident, Page’s tablets had been running low and he had taken all he had. When his parents returned at around midnight he had consumed less than two glasses of wine.

Mr Anjam said: “He does not feel the alcohol had an effect but because he was taking fewer drugs he was feeling anxious. Mr Page said as soon as his parents walked in they were immediately hostile and tried to take the bottle of wine.

“He then decided to destroy his own guitar which he smashed against the wall. Around 15 to 20 minutes later Graham went upstairs to confront his parents about the way he was treated. He felt insulted by them.”

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Page took a roll of sellotape and a knife upstairs, which he intended to put over his mother’s mouth. Mr Anjam told the court there had been a running joke with her that whenever there was a disagreement he would tell his mother ‘I should tape your mouth, then you will listen to me.’

Mr Anjam said: “Mr Page did walk over to his father and punched him once to the left side of his head, causing injury. He does not accept making any threats with the knife.”

Karen Grant, prosecuting, said Page’s parents had now retracted their statements as they felt giving evidence against their son in court would make his mental health worse.

Mr Anjam said: “Since this incident he has not seen his parents and resides at a hostel in Gloucester, but he wants to rebuild the relationship.”

Page was given a conditional discharge for two years and was ordered to pay costs of �300.