Councillor’s tweets to keep public informed

CLEVEDON residents will be given more of an insight into the work of their elected representatives thanks to one town councillor.

Cllr Jane Geldart has begun tweeting from council meetings and has also started an internet blog about issues surrounding the council and its work.

Her tweets will see her followers on social networking site, Twitter, receive real-time updates on discussions held during meetings and they will also have the chance to reply with their opinions. She currently has just less than 1,000 followers but hopes this will increase as interest grows.

The 44-year-old, who represents the central ward, said: “I decided to start tweeting at meetings as I thought it would be a good way to start engaging with the community.

“I want to be able to provide and exchange information. If the community knows and understands what their council are doing for them, then they will get involved.

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“I am hoping when people respond to me it will mean I can articulate and represent their views and the needs of the local community more effectively.

“Digital communications are a must for any council and it’s not just about having a website.

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“Growing numbers of people of all ages are using these new forms of communications and expect organisations they are in contact with to do the same.”

Cllr Geldart is following in the footsteps of MPs who, in October, voted in favour of allowing them to write tweets and use electronic devices during debates in the House of Commons in the hope of keeping their constituents informed of their work.

She intends to give a commentary on what is happening during town council meetings without any personal opinion included. To follow her tweets she can be found on Twitter under the name @janegeldart

To read her blog visit

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