Council receives cash windfall for potholes

POTHOLE-blighted roads across North Somerset could be set for a tidy-up after the council benefitted from an extra Government grant.

North Somerset Council has received a windfall of �732,103 from central Government to go towards road repairs across the region.

This brings the amount of money that will spent on road maintenance across the authority up to the region of �4.7million for this year.

Potholes are formed when water seeps into cracks, and then freezes, expanding to push up concrete and tarmac from below.

The number of potholes in and around Weston has increased after a particularly cold winter, which exacerbated the problem of some crumbling roads.

A spokesman for North Somerset Council said: “We got �300,000 last year for our allocation, and that has been more than doubled this year, which means were are going to be spending around �4.7million on highways maintenance this year.

“This money will all go towards making sure our roads are in the best possible condition.”