Council hopes Nailsea Place will reduce pressure on health services

Number 65 in Nailsea which will be home to the new digital services.

Number 65 in Nailsea which will be home to the new digital services. - Credit: Archant

Nailsea Town Council has ‘great ambitions’ for a new digital service which will begin running in the town from October.

The council’s innovative Nailsea Place scheme has been chosen as an NHS digital pathfinder project to provide people with digital skills so they can access health services and connect with people and groups online.

The service will run from Number 65 in the town’s High Street and will help to reduce the unnecessary use of the NHS.

Town council chairman David Packham said: “The aim of the digital pathfinder project is to provide and/or improve digital skills to those who require them and so enable them to access health service facilities.

“Number 65 is also to become somewhere where residents can explore all the options available to them to live a healthy lifestyle and to thrive.

“This might be by accessing a database of groups, clubs and organisations that exist in Nailsea which they can join and find new interests in their lives.

“It may be they wish just to stop by for a cup of tea or coffee and have a chat.

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“Residents who require specific advice will also be directed to the right organisation such as Citizens Advice and Nailsea Disability Initiative.

“The key to Number 65 will be to make it a place where residents feel relaxed and inquisitive of what life can offer them, make new friends and perhaps create their own clubs and groups.”

There are currently two pathfinder projects running in England, but NHS Digital wants to grow this to 20 over the next three years and Nailsea has been chosen to host one of them.

Cllr Packham added: “We have great ambitions for Number 65.

“Our key ambition is for people to be informed and enabled to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and to live independent and happy lives and aspire to their potential.

“If we can achieve this we would expect the pressure on our NHS to be reduced and for our communities to thrive.”

The council will be looking for volunteers to help run the centre and help visitors once it opens.

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